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Brookeville House Assisted Living Boutique Style

Brookeville House’s Boutique Style Assisted Living makes sure that your loved one receives the utmost quality care with love and dignity. The care we provide is intimate, flexible, and affordable. The benefits of a home-like setting for assisted living such as a residential setting for the elderly is a personal touch. We offer a sense of warmth, and the attention to detail in terms of menus and creative approaches for senior care while working closely with the doctors, the families, and the residents. Being in a homelike setting, our staff will become very familiar with the medication requirements, side effects, personal needs, and personalities of each resident in our homes.

Assisted living is a highly personal choice, and there are many options available to seniors, those with Alzheimer’s or other diseases. Brookeville House Assisted Living has no age limit and provides care for even younger people who have a condition that renders them no longer able to live alone and maintain their personal care. Making the right choice takes a great deal of research, and time visiting and interviewing different facilities and administrators. The size of the facility can be one of the major factors to consider in terms of the resident’s happiness, and quality of care to ensure they do not have to worry about feeling lonely, lost or just be a number in a census.

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    Our Brookeville Boutique Assisted Living Homes

    3 Convenient locations serving Montgomery and Howard County within a short commute from Olney, Damascus, Gaithersburg, Rockville, Bethesda, Laurel, Columbia, Mount Airy, and Clarksville

    House I at Brown Farm:

    2505 Brown Farm Court

    Brookeville, MD 20833


    Phone: (301)363-9688

    House II at Sunshine:

    22150 New Hampshire Avenue 

    Brookeville, MD 20833


    Phone: (301)363-9684

    House III at Brighton Dam:

    20900 New Hampshire Avenue

    Brookeville, MD 20833


    Phone: (301)363-9685