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“Even though it's hard having my mother in a care facility, I do appreciate that it is in a beautiful home that is an actual home and more personal for my mother and not a nursing home.”
Iris Ehrman
“When my father passed away in 2016 it was clear that my mother needed more assistance than our family could provide. It was a very tough decision but we knew we needed to find the right assisted living home for mom. Upon meeting George and Evelyn it was clear to us immediately that mom would not simply be a resident there but also a Brookeville "family member." Mom is treated with love, respect, and compassion. George and Evelyn build their team of caregivers with people who share those same values. We sleep easier at night knowing that mom is in their care. Mom regularly tells us how much she loves her extended family there.”
Allen Webb
“This was the best decision I ever made for my Mom. The Brookeville House has wonderful caring staff that gave her a lot of attention,  and the manager that kept me informed and up to date. Because I still work,  It was so convenient to have the doctors visit her here on a weekly basis and for her to have the physical therapy here at the Brookeville House. My Mom just loved the home atmosphere......her condition actually improved because the staff managed her medications correctly and made sure she ate and drank to keep up her strength.  She loved the food which catered to her picky palate. I would highly recommend this place to all families searching for assisted living!”
Laura Weinstein
“My mother-in-law is doing so much better since moving into the Brookeville House. She now has the opportunity to regularly socialize with peers and gets the round the clock help she needs. We looked at several other assisted living options, but immediately knew that the Brookeville House was for her. We couldn't be more pleased.”
Donna Webb
“My mother has gone from living independently in a single family house to being confined to a wheelchair. While thoroughly researching Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing options, Brookeville House came up. Sifting through the good and negative reviews from strangers, Brookeville House came up as an option. My Mother does not have her body, but has her mind. I needed something that she could have her personal space, specifically a private bedroom, but also would provide stimulation. I never knew about ‘assisted living group homes’.  This was the only option of skilled nursing with a private bedroom and the cost is very reasonable. Traditional nursing homes are cramped and depressing. I was told by previous skilled nursing and pt that my mother would not improve. Because of the caring staff, which exercises her legs every day, she is able to stand and pivot. And we have not even started pt yet. Yes there are plusses and negatives at every place. But, the management staff works with me to fine tune the process. Meagan is the new manager of Brookeville House and I think she is the perfect addition to the team of compassionate staff. Thank you Brookeville House!”
Rae Ann Schafer
“I couldn’t be happier about Mom’s home at Brookeville House Assisted Living. When she first moved there in 2010, she participated in bingo and other activities. These days she is just content to sit in the lovely sun room. Residents can do as much or as little as they want. We are welcome to visit any day.”
Jane Clark
“Of course deciding to move your parent from their own home into an Assisted Living facility is a difficult one - full of emotional and physical challenges. However, when we visited the Brookeville House after a thorough review of other Assisted Living homes in the area, we felt more at ease making the decision.  The home is well taken care, clean and orderly and my Mother's room is spacious and comfortable. The care providers strive to create a relationship with my Mother and they do their best to make her feel at home. I have had the opportunity to stop in unannounced many times and I am always pleased to see that my Mother looks well, has been taken care of and that she is in a safe environment.”
Helene Fritschi
  “My son brought me up here from North Carolina to be close to him. I couldn't be happier at The Brookeville House.  I have stayed in both facilities and love them equally. The staff is very kind and take care of me. The owners always come by and ask me how I am doing, if I am happy and safe.  I always tell them I am great. If you want to be a happy camper this is the place to be!”
Allan Reed
  “I consider our family very fortunate for the referral we received about Brookville when it became a reality that our Mom could not continue living on her own. From the first call to the present, every interaction with Brookville staff members has been wonderful. Mom's care continues to be very satisfactory, with her overall health being well sustained.”
Iain Ronis
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House I at Brown Farm:
2505 Brown Farm Court
Brookeville, MD 20833
Email: info@brookevillehouse.com
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22150 New Hampshire Avenue
Brookeville, MD 20833
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20900 New Hampshire Avenue
Brookeville, MD 20833
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